Funeral and Sympathy Flowers Melbourne

Floral tributes in the way of wreaths and sheaves are the best ways to express your respects & condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Choosing what to send can be difficult, so to assist our customers we have conveniently categorised our bestselling flowers for each occasion. Once you have decided where you'd like to send your floral tribute, please kindly view our collections in these two categories below:-

Bright Colourful Wreath

Funeral Flowers

Sending flowers to a funeral home or church in Melbourne

We specialise in all aspects of funeral flowers including wreaths, sheaves & casket sprays. As part of our service we can contact the funeral homes on your behalf and request service and delivery times to ensure all details are correct. Once details are confirmed and correct we will pre-order your flowers and start making arrangements for logistics and any special order requirements. Please note that you are using a florist that specialises in funeral flowers only - thus ensuring your flowers not only arrive on time, but to the right place and date. Unlike most florists, we have our own driver that arrives 1 hour prior to the service. Our driver will wait for the funeral director to arrive, there he will confirm with them the name, place and time before he leaves.

Sympathy Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers to the home or business in Melbourne

Sympathy flowers are those typically delivered to the home, workplace or any other place other than the church or memorial service. When sending a floral arrangement to the home or business in Melbourne, we recommend selecting something from our sympathy flower range. This collection of floral tributes is suitable to send to the home or work address. They are flower arrangements or bouquets that can be cared for and admired for the time leading up to and after the service.

Sending flowers to the home is a way to show your respects to the family. Flowers convey a very personal message and inspire warm and comforting thoughts. Like a picture can paint a thousand words, flowers have the power to lift the mood and instill memories and beautiful thoughts into family members. Flowers can comfort the family and brighten the mood during a difficult time.

Memorial Services

Flowers delivered to Memorial Services

Memorial services differ to funeral services in that there is no 'body' present at the service. It is also considered a Memorial service if only the cremated remains of the person are present at the funeral. Memorial services typically take place after the body has been buried or cremated. Unlike funeral services which are normally held in a Church, Chapel or funeral home, Memorial services can be held almost anywhere - in parks, farms and even a restaurant. The Memorial services have no formal structure, unlike the funeral services which follow a set of religious practices. Both funeral and memorial services allow for flowers to be delivered.

Now with Stand Hire

We are now offering stand hire on our range of wreaths and heart tributes. Our driver will setup the stand and also secure the wreath to the stand. Our driver will arrange for collection of the stand after the service has completed. Please view our funeral wreath catalogue of products for more information.
Limitations: The stands (easels) can be used with wreaths, sprays & hearts. We are unable to use the stands for flower arrangements, however we can present floral arrangements at the altar or entrance to a memorial or funeral service.

Priority Delivery

The Funeral Flower Shop specialises in funeral & bereavement flowers, which allows us to focus on the important things such as ensuring your order gets delivered on-time, every time! Most florists will provide a 'morning' or afternoon' delivery service, so if you need your flowers delivered at a specific time for a funeral, then be prepared to pay a premium for delivery. We have our own drivers which allows us to control the price of delivery and also ensure there are no 3rd party couriers handling your order. Our drivers liaise directly with us and we guarantee your flowers will arrive 1 hour before the service begins. Please visit our delivery page for further information about delivering flowers to a funeral.

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